Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Writer's Block: Some Suggestions

by CWK

1. Rest.
The problem may be exhaustion. Note: you may have to make yourself rest. That is, you may have to plan several days where you will absolutely not write.

2. Redirect.
That is, change projects. Redirect your energy to something different. Then, when you return to the 'block' you will have a new perspective.
Tim Keller put it best, "A change is just as good as a rest."
Changing projects is beneficial especially if that change involves a totally different kind of project (i.e. changing from poetry to prose, or history to fiction)

3. Re-fill.
We need to be full if we want to be able to give.
To refill, consider:
-Reading some new books.
-Going to new places (a new city, the zoo, the botanical gardens
, etc).
-Meeting some new people.
Note also, C.S. Lewis was right when he said we will never have anything to write about if ALL WE CARE ABOUT IS WRITING.

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