Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Not Speed Reading

by CWK

Read Deliberately.

There are lots of books on how to speed read, unfortunately. Speed reading insures that you will finish a book quickly, but not that you will learn anything from it. A marathon runner could drive the course of the Boston Marathon in a Porsche at 100 miles an hour. They would, undoubtedly, finish the course in record time. Unfortunately, the purpose of the Boston Marathon is not to finish quickly, whatever the method. Rather, it is to finish it by running it. If you jaunt through books at light speed you will finish them quickly, but you will be disqualified from the true race, which is learning. So, in the words of James Sire, "read slowly!"

As Francis Bacon said, “Read to weigh and consider.”

If you want to learn more about 'reading slowly' check out James W. Sire's How To Read Slowly.

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