Thursday, February 04, 2016

When Children Raved

When children raved in warrior’s paint

and danced, like David, sans restraint

– when poets sailed from distant shores

– when lambs lay down to lions’ roars

– when old wounds healed and were no more

– when sinners turned at once to saints,

and hearts grew strong by growing faint

– in some miracle hour when the moon was mad,

hence insane men were growing sane –

I saw a sight sublime, a dream had:

A fairy queen danced forth cross a stormy plain

upon a single subtle drop of summer rain,

and stood before me with a curtsy and a smile.

Her form was beauty flawless: beauty without guile.

She stood there like a gift, defying explanation.

Her skin was lily like, and dyed with pink carnations.

Her eyes were colored oceans with depths for miles, and miles:

eyes soft kissed by gentle wind, misty, mysteriously mild.

With delight I gazed on she, like some astonished child;

with curiosity she answered, at first and for awhile:

as if I were a creature, new, and strange, and wild;

as if I were a riddle sent forth to beguile.

Midst curious conjecture, she made her decision:

at last, her face flushed red with recognition;

she tossed her hair in a manner kind and coy –

“If I am a girl,” she said with startled joy,

and held me like a vision,

“then you must be a boy.”


by CK

Which way to go? I don’t know.
I suppose I should wait, but, oh, how
I hate to go slow:
Now? Now -- Now… Now!

I used to contemplate late and leap first,
and make decisions and revisions
which a minute will reverse.
– no more! I have learned to    
stay up late and debate.
I have learned to ask 
and knock and seek:
to give it a day or two or week.

Decisions! Who knows if I am right?
–if this will be wise in the morning light,
in the dark of sleepless nights,
and in the years and years to come?
I fight and struggle, struggle and writhe
in my bed
with these questioners in my head.
Peace of mind I cannot find; I cannot
forge ahead.
There is such untidiness; there’s no
oracle at Delphi.
There’s just my mind, my Maker, and me,
and this decision.
and the years unfolding like the pages
of a book I cannot read,
with the weight of consequences,
like unpaid wages; consequences I can’t see.

Impetuous self! Sit still!
Wait for the cloud and pillar of fire  
to move your will.
Wait! – for peace of mind,
wait and take your time.
Wait! – and you will find
some direction and some rhyme
and reason.

Quotes On Atheism

Maybe the atheist cannot find God for the same reason a thief cannot find a 
policeman... If there were no God, there would be no atheists. 
=G.K. Chesterton

Atheists express their rage against God, although, in their view. He does not exist.
C.S. Lewis

You say, "If I if I had a little more, I should be very satisfied." You make a 
mistake. If you are not content with what you have, you would not be satisfied if
it were doubled.
 - Charles Spurgeon

A good question for an atheist: after taking him out to dinner, ask him if he  
believes there is a cook. 
- Author Unknown

God does not believe in atheists, therefore atheists do not exist.

A Personal Relationship?

"Do you have a personal relationship with God?"

This question implies a yes or no answer, and is likely to mislead.

"Do you have a personal relationship with God?"

Yes, you do. Whether we like it, or not, we do.

All our acts are related to God. We are all relating to God right now. We may be relating to him as Father, or as Judge, but we are relating to him.

We may not be concerned with him, but He is concerned with us.