Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Learning Community

by CWK

"Learning community" is the best term I could think of to describe a group of people who are learning together. I am not talking about a 'study group' where you cram for exams. I am talking about a group that comes together to help one another learn.

The power of learning 'in community' could easily be proven by checking out the history of great 'learners.' Plato founded his Academy. Lewis, Tolkien, and 'the inklings' gathered together to critique one another's writing. Francis and Edith Schaeffer founded a learning community, L'Abri. Jonathan Edwards, the great American thinker, vowed that he would talk about what he was learning with someone else because he always learned more that way. The examples could be multiplied.

All this to say: we learn best when we are learning WITH others.

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