Thursday, July 07, 2011

What is Unction?

by CWK

I have heard about “unction” for as long as I can remember, but have never really understood what it meant.

Spurgeon helped me begin to get a grasp of this term, “One bright benison which private prayer brings down upon the ministry is an indescribable and inimitable something, better understood than named; it is a dew from the Lord, a divine presence which you will recognize at once when it is “an unction from the holy one.””[1] He then goes on to describe the danger of trying to counterfeit this phenomenon, “It is as easy as it is foolish to counterfeit it.” 

We have all seen people who throw around phrases like “Sweet Jesus” in a sentimental and nauseating way. Spurgeon calls this indecent, if not profane. In doing this he warns me against one of the temptations I will surely face. I will be tempted to fake “unction.” There is, however, no substitute for true communion with Christ, and faking it is always seen for what it is, even by the least experienced believer.

[1] Spurgeon, Lectures To My Students, 46.

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