Tuesday, July 05, 2011

How To Craft The Perfect Sentence, Part 23

by CWK

Even More on Clarity.

The choice of vocabulary (diction) has a lot to do with clarity. Are we using words that comprehensible to our readers? Now, maybe we should use words that are above our readers. Maybe, but we should only do this if we mean to, and if we have some greater goal. If we are using unfamiliar vocabulary for no reason that means one thing: we aren't taking time to consider our reader.

Also, consider: if we use words that our reader does not understand, they will soon get frustrated and give up. This is, incidentally, why many students doze off in the classes of renowned professors. The professors may be knowledgeable; he may have some very important things to say. Still, students nod off. Why? Because he is not speaking their language. 

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