Monday, June 20, 2011

Room For Romance?

by CWK

Is there room for Romance?
In a crowded pizza parlor –
room for a soft glance?
In a busy book store –
room for a slow dance?
In a dizzy dance hall –
room enough to touch hands?
In a graceless anxious age –
room for a second chance?

There is room! – inches wide but miles deep.
There are walls and they are tall,
but they stand straight and they shan’t fall:
‘tis a playground where we run and laugh and leap,
Herein, there’s no missing; yes, no sinking sands –
every chance touch is a mystery;
every movement is a dance,
and every second sacramental: bless-ed with romance.

Incline your ear and you will hear
romance at every turn and every hint.
There’s poetry in every argument;
a weight of glory in a single tear.

All this! This, true revelation; still, much hidden!
Still, much unsaid, unuttered, unspoken –
for romance is mystical, holy, and Christian.
There is a gold mine, and these but golden tokens.
The surface is placid, when underneath's an ocean.

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