Monday, June 20, 2011

Father Walked Briskly

by CWK

We saw the moonlight on the water,
and I contrasted it with the black gondola’s
darting about
like water goblins.

Father stalked wistfully
as I struggled to breathe,
and with a wave of the hand,
turned the fumes into clear clean air.

Father walked briskly,
at a pace too fast;
he walked without pausing:
without seeming mercy.
Seeming – I say – for mercy stayed
in his fingertips.
My dreams, he dreamed before
I was born.
My future, he spoke
with expectancy and hope.
He never scorned
my wild zeals,
but ever nurtured, ever healed.

My Father: by him, I first survived,
then grew strong; aye, thrived.
Sometimes I fell --
one time fell farther.
At last, I revived, to climb the Adelsberg
in the broiling sun.

Refined gentle man that he was:
the thought of him now and always
has been a sense of comfort.
I could breathe;
I could sleep
when he had me in his arms
beneath the white front porch
upon a rusty swing.

Like a child I was, and am,
when near father --
even when again and again --
near his memory.
His future memory of me
comes back to haunt and hope:
Man, Servant, King, Leader, Doer
of deeds of note.
Father remembered me as a Man
when I was still a boy;
he remembered, and his memories
are joy.

My Father:
he got me breath;
he got me lungs,
and strength and life.

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