Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't Try To Please Everyone

posted by CK

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. In it, Vonnegut said something like, "if you open a window and try to make love to the world your fiction will die of pneumonia," meaning, of course, that nothing you write will please everyone so don't even try. Rather, Vonnegut went on to say, write for one person, and in all likelihood many more people than your intended audience of one will appreciate what you've written. Vonnegut wrote everything for his sister, and even after she died she was still the audience he was writing for. The real thrust of Vonnegut's advice is what has stuck with me, the point being that no single project or author can do everything-the sooner we comes to terms with this the better, as it helps to focus the creative energies on what we really want to do, rather than what we feel we ought to do. In my experience, good writing comes from a place of desire rather than obligation. And like all pieces of good advice, this should be implemented however and whenever the individual sees fit...

-- Jesse Bullington 

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