Monday, June 20, 2011

Aragorn and Arwen

by CWK

Upon returning from peril,
engaged in heavenly warfare for Zion,
against he who is busy with evil
and prowls ever like a roaring lion...

It came to pass that I was weary.
I wished to go back to Rivendell –
there, friends and rest might cheer me,
in service for heaven, to march against hell.

I thence came to the borders of Lorien,
and was kindly received by Lady Galadriel.
I did not know that here stayed Arwen,
who in her mother’s house dwelt.

She was little changed -- time’s scythe’s
powerless o’er her rosy countenance.
Yet, her laughter was replaced with sighs;
from her eyes flowed tears, like fountains.

At last, I cast aside my weary raiment.
I was clad nobly in silver and white.
I looked the true King once again,
and even Elf-Lord, in friendlier light.

And thus Arwen anew beheld me
again; and in trembling did I advance.
I walked towards her under the trees,
to take my lady and my chance.

There her choice was forever made,
and for a season we wondered o’er hills.
We held hands in forests and green glades,
and danced over undying flowers
with fairies at our feet, and hearts filled
too full to speak. Days seemed like hours.

Between moonlight and dawn we waited,
and watched the swift sun rising fast.
We came to a lavish garden, high-gated,
and sang a new song from the far past.
And there, at dawn, in new light, we gazed
east to the Shadow and west to the Twilight.
We took our vows, and knelt, and prayed.

Arwen spoke first, sensible still of night:
"Dark is the Dusk, and yet my heart delights;
for you, my love, shall be among the heroes
whose courage shall conquer the shadows.”

"I utterly reject the shadow,” I began,
“...but alas! I cannot see that far;
the light seems veiled; the good o’er ran.
Yet, with sword drawn, ready I stand;
emboldened by your hope to do my part:
to do valiantly, all that a hero can.”

She, lovely, spoke, “I do.
Evermore, I will cleave to you;
and as one, we two
will sail ever onward to the white shores,
and beyond, to the far green country.
We will set foot in the march of eternity
together, and we will see, we will see
the old changed into the new,
and the Face of Glory.”

She drew yet near,
wiped away a single tear,
and said, “In that land all tears will be redeemed,
and sorrows seem, a short night dream.”

I grasped her kind hand,
and we gazed longingly westward.
With the long march home began,
and her by my side,
I put my hand on my sword,
and kissed the bride.

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