Monday, June 20, 2011



I have at times opened my eyes
in the midst of a vast assembly hall
and wondered to find myself
on earth and among mere mortals.
I have at times knelt speechless
knowing Him to be near: nearer
than my breath.

I never felt more alone with God
than when, on a great stage,
encircled by thousands,
I preached.
I often felt God to be closest
when, in a secret closet,
with desperate silence,
I prayed.

O, in the great tabernacle
when the roof is drawn away
and the faces fade --
there, I preach for the pleasure
of the divine smile.

Then to my closet I retreat to entreat:
my face against the hardwood:
my tears soaking his feet:
waiting, bowing, resting, loved
before His face.

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