Monday, June 20, 2011


by CWK

Call flesh to dress these bones,
Son of Man.
Do you believe in dead death?
Or do you believe my living breath
can repeal the unreapealable:
can seal the unsealable:
can bind the unhealable?

Do you believe in gracious grace?
Do you believe that in December
the cold ground can remember
Summer’s sizzling soft embrace?
Do you believe that in December
the earth might still be tender
somewhere deeper than frostbite:
somewhere warmer than midnight?
Do you believe my living life
can call forth a daffodil
when the earth lies cold and still?
Do you believe a flower can bloom
in a dark and lifeless tomb?

Call water from this stone,
Son of Man.
Do you believe in famished famine?
Or do you believe my flesh divine
can nurture the starved,
can suture the scarred,
can give future to the marred?

Can this stone give?
Can these bones live?
Tell me, Son of man:
Do you believe in refleshing?
Do you believe I can call forth
something out of nothing?
Look on these bones, and believe.
Drink from this stone and receive.

Behold, I will open up your graves,
My People.
I will call bone to bone:
I will fasten sinew to joint:
I will bring water from a Stone,
and your arid skulls anoint.
O My People!
O My People!
These bones can live.
This stone can give.

I will send my Spirit to refresh,
and your parched bones will be refleshed.

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