Tuesday, December 25, 2012

You Were Colors

by CWK

I sat up late night last
'til sunrise
and tossed and turned the past                                                           
in my mind’s eyes;
I grappled with the scrapbook
of you and me
which is now
pasted across the pages of my soul.

I could not sleep for some sounds,
and fears that they portended,
and besides there were some portraits
on my wall that needed mending.
But colors drown out disoriented
symphonies of cries and cravings.
Colors cover the canvas
of past portraits we will not be saving.

I could see you in my mind and
you were colors;
You were a rich fusion of colors.
I could see you dance
across my memory and
you were a ballet blur of colors.
Colors: vivid, pure and daunting;
Colors: too vivacious too repress;
Colors: collaged and successive;
Colors: radiant and haunting.

I could see you in my mind
and you were pink.
You wore an old-fashioned pink dress,
and stole down a silver river in Texas.
Your pinkness radiated through your skin
and you sang a poem I had written.

I could see you in my mind
and you were oceanic blue.
I was on the shore to see
the typhoon azure,
but I could not move or run or speak.
I stood by weak
as the waves crashed
upon the atoms of my nature.
And I was deluged by a blue rapture
like a flimsy piece of paper.

I could see you in mind,
and you were colors.

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