Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Indefatigueable Love

For Amos and Bethany
by CWK

     Say no more.
              Weep not now.
                        Sigh no longer.
It is enough to confess crimes;
take not justice to thy bosom.
You need not be your judge.
You have been your own accuser.
Weep not; this know:
whatever you say; whatever may come;
whatever you’ve done, or do –
whatever, no matter, I love you.

My dear, sigh no longer.
My love is not weakened; 
it only grows stronger
in the shade of thy distress.
And my supply of mercy – steepened
in love abundant – is sufficient to the test.
Indeed, my love rejoices at this trial!
Who can fight with none to best?
What's a victory without rivals?

I know the past:
the desperate gasps, and empty grasps
you made toward love.
Ever reaching, barely breathing,
you crawled in blackness forward,
downward, upon decaying stairs
toward the dream of love:
a dream that faded as you fared.
Yet, hopeful ever, ever on you dared,
searching, perchance, for a grain of wheat
among the tares.
Until –weary, starved, forlorn,
unloved – you mistook yourself unlovely,
and sought repast among the thorns.

Thence, each morning brought new mourning:
mourning wrenching mind and breaking bone.
My Love, I know. I know you rose at dawn
with a heavy hopeless yawn,
and a heart without a home; love without; again, alone.
And, with each waking
all dreams ended; all dreams ended there:
each time with the vision – not of dreams shared --
but dreams undone: hearts unpaired.
Then, promises of darker nights, 
in dimmer lights –
and with each new night, nightmares.

You confessed the darkness.
Now rest, My Darling.
Know now, always: I love you.
I loved Thee hence, and now -- not less --
but better, I love. I love you more.
This darkness is, I say again, a test.

For in this, Thou whom I adore
shall see – against the darkness proved –
my true loves’ brilliant brightness.
I am not shaken; not an inch moved.
Nor grieved am I; nor rattled.
Rather, I am grateful for your flaws:
like a soldier grateful for his foes.
For, here's my chance to prove my love in battle.

When your worst, my love is best.
Best loved, Thou; Thou, with love, be blessed.
My love sails with Thee, with Thee rests
on a vessel set adrift without an oar
on endless seas, 
with ne’r a dock, and n'er a shore.
Beyond time; past the past;
further than the future, too.
Beyond all, my love lasts
forever. I love you ever, ever new.
Whatever, no matter,
I love you.

Sigh not; weep not. Rather relish
this love, thine. My Love, thy love, cherish.
Merciful love meets your mistake,
and expands, and does not brake:
draws close, and does not forsake.
Under mercy, love heeds not misdeeds,
but -- by grace -- looks and sees
holy love; stony hope; only need.

My One, with me one; we shall be one.
And sweet love, Thee Loved, receive
this love like a well worn creed.
And henceforth, by faith, reread.
In my love, My Love, believe.

Toward you, I fix my eyes:
with nary a doubt; nary a sigh.
Here I stand until I die:
ever with you, ever near you, near me.
My love, myself, is mine to give, 
and I give freely, in freedom, unto Thee.
For love, I die; yet more, I live.

Still, I hear you ask, "What if love...?"
Do you not know? -- my love is a gift, Love.
I hear you ask, "How? Why? When? What love..."
But that of which you speak, Love, is not love.
The city which love builds 
never falls; it only grows.
That city shall stand, apart the will of man,
against every evil, every foe.
That city shall never lie in ruins;
I fear, My Love, your thoughts
of love are still too human.
There is, for this love, no "if love" --
there is only love, toward love, always moving.
This love is my love, and so it is Thy Love, too.
Whatever, no matter, I love you.

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