Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Difference Between A Hero and A Villain


The villain sees injustice 
the mighty crushing the powerless 
but believing himself only acted on,
like a still tree, by the wind blown,
he decides what is is what is.
And so he mildly reacts,
and lies helpless as a fact,
apologizing for his weakness.

The hero sees the same,
and bears unto himself the blame.
And deeming himself an acto
not so much a fact, as factor 
he acts, like a wind, constant moving, never slack,
and turns justice into fact.

Injustice is what the villain views;
it is because it is  just because 
injustice is his justice: history, his law.
Justice is what the hero pursues
because – because  it is his cause.
The villain speaks of justice,
but his deeds are cold and rusty 
for just he never was.
The hero acts, and ever justly;
justice is what the dust man does.

Herein is the difference
between the hero and the villain:
one man is the tree;
the other man, the wind.
Both decide  but the hero has will.
The hero moves, the villain's still.
The villain is chained; the hero, free.
The villain is what he sees;
the hero is what he may be.
The villain becomes what he was;
the hero is what the hero does.

Herein is the difference
between the hero and the villain:
both take blows, but the hero gives.
Both live, and die, in strife;
but the villain lives  
while the hero leads  a life.

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