Wednesday, June 05, 2013

No Where There


Which came first –
the French, or the American, Revolution?
Don’t up look the answer.
Stop, and think
before you search
for absolution.

Every person I've ever asked
this question 
has been wrong
in assigning the appropriate order. 
Why is that? 
Why know we not what came after,
or even what
came before?

We are neither
last, nor first.
We have no history; 
we are nomads 
in the universe; 
nothing happened before us; 
nothing is going to happen after, either.

Our past causes us to hang our heads;
we have dim visions of atrocities
in distant dismal cities,
but we seem to have been created
ex nihilo, out of nothing, 
out of nowhere.
There's no where, there.

Do we not realize
there can be no fruit
if there never was a seed;
there can be no listening
without a voice to heed;
there can be no doubt
unless there stands a creed.

If we do think of the past, 
we think of it as a mass
of irrelevant data,
little connected to us except
that our ancestors did dire deeds.
We got an inheritance; 
it is moral debt
that sometime interest bleeds,
and sometime poems reads,
but ever to our set,
and never to our needs.

Meanwhile, still, to this day still,
our evils are not faced honestly,
nor uprightly.
Just as tragic: 
our former glory is unknown,
and taken rather lightly.

Our future causes
us to scratch our heads;
we have no goal,
and tomorrow is already past.
History is going nowhere, 
and fast.

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