Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Songs -- Torn Wineskins

New songs flow from torn wineskins –
tonight my heart is torn again…
So here’s a song that begins
when all my world has come to ends.

— were you The One?
I thought and dreamed you were.
I hope, believed; it seemed you were.
Of you, I was unworthy; of us, determined
 – only of myself uncertain.
And then – the crash, the fall, the pain, and all;
and, all in all, there’s nothing left or certain.
And there’s no one left to call
– except the curtain.

This is loss without the gain; too small was I
to reach so high.
I reached for skies, with sighs, now vain;
Too false was I to tell a lie;
too hurt to even feel my pain.
Forgive me, when well met, I felt myself unwell.
I felt so weak; so unengaged; so very not myself.
My wings clipped; my heart caged,
I felt too tired to be enraged;
now all the world’s a play without a stage;
a heaven where no angels dwell;
a book without a word or page.

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