Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kirk Cameron, Piers Morgan: Concluding Thoughts

Conclusion: Jesus Our Cause and our Captain

My previous posts may seem critical of Kirk Cameron. Let me solemnly avow: we all have much to learn from him. He actually tried -- but was cut off by Morgan -- to do many of the things we discussed in the preceding posts. He probably did way better than I would have in such a trying situation, and before a national TV audience; I've certainly done much worse in much less trying situations. So, consider this not so much a criticism of anyone, but rather a call for all of us to reconsider biblical engagement in a hostile environment. What does it mean to represent Christ in this wide, wild, and dangerous culture? Surely, we must begin to cultivate a wise disposition centered on the Person of Jesus Christ. And Charles Spurgeon reminds us that we are not only to point others to Christ in the midst of the fray, we must continually look to Him ourselves:

Sharpen your swords, soldiers of the cross, and be ready for the fray, but as ye march to the battle let it be with heads bowed down in adoration before him, who alone can cover your heads in the day of battle; and when you lift up those heads in the front of the foe, let this be your song, "The Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; the Lord has become my salvation!" And when the fight waxes hot, if your head grow weary, think of, "him who endured such contradiction of sinners against himself."

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