Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kirk Cameron, Piers Morgan, and Wise Apologetics pt. 1

by CWK

In my copy of the New Testament, I underline passages which take my fancy. Nearly all of them are about the deceitfulness of the cares of this world and of riches, about how concupiscence and vanity separate us from God... It is difficult to think of any sentiments which would be more intrinsically unsympathetic in most clerical circles. They are, I should say, about the most unpopular sentences it is possible to utter today... (they cause) on radio and television panels derision and incredulity. 
- Malcolm Muggeridge, The New Statesman, "Am I A Christian?," March 10, 1967.

The Kingdom of Hollywood and The Kingdom of Heaven

Hollywood is a town of tinsel, and plenty of it, a city flush with every kind of earthly wealth in the wealthiest nation yet seen on planet earth. Hollywood eats innocents alive, and then smacks her lips with knowing coolness; her plush mansions are a burial ground: her slain, a mighty throng.

Kirk Cameron, once a first citizen in the Kingdom of Hollywood, long ago transferred his citizenship to the Kingdom of Heaven. In the face of the greatest riches this world has to offer, he chose ahigher, sweeter, fuller, and more enduring treasure: a heavenly one. He traded glittering tinsel for solid gold. In so doing, he’s blazed a trail of integrity, faithfulness, and singular Christian virtue straight out of Hollywood. Every conversion is a miracle, but this is the spiritual equivalent of an escape from Alcatraz.  

Cameron is known to make stands for the Kingdom of God against the spiritual wasteland that is the Kingdom of Hollywood. In a recent confrontation on Piers Morgan Live, he dared to present a Christian's perspective on the two most incendiary issues of our day: sexuality and abortion. 

After the interview, Cameron found himself in a firestorm of rabid tweets and denunciations. Twitter was bitter; The Huffington Post was huffing and puffing. He was pilloried in cities all over the world wide web as a man with a hateful heart: immoral, backward, and ignorant. Piers Morgan, the man who started the fire, distanced himself from it all. Even though he started 'it,' knew exactly what Cameron would say, and goaded Cameron when he tried to change subjects, Morgan positioned himself as the poor bystander who'd been forced to watch a deed of infamy (see 1:36 on video). 

And thus was born the latest outbreak of a long running culture war. Here's my report from the front lines: a report, hopefully, which will strengthen and assist my Christian comrades in arms. See part 2.

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