Sunday, February 05, 2012

Not Afraid

by CK

I am not afraid
of anything that breathes: 
of the spiders,
or the mountains
that tumble into the seas.

I have learned to lean
on He Who lives forever,
on the God of Abraham,
the God of grace and glory:
Who is the great I AM.

Looking in the rearview, looking straight ahead:
looking for a clear view
of the rhythm in my head.
The music rises slowly into a symphony;
I will dance and I will sing
with stars, and hills, and trees.

I am dancing into darkness, but dancing I will go --
for my Father holds my hand;
my Father holds my hand; 
Abba Father holds my hand. 

Now to the King Eternal, 
be glory through the ages,
and may He write his glory
across these tattered pages.

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