Thursday, February 04, 2016


by CK

Which way to go? I don’t know.
I suppose I should wait, but, oh, how
I hate to go slow:
Now? Now -- Now… Now!

I used to contemplate late and leap first,
and make decisions and revisions
which a minute will reverse.
– no more! I have learned to    
stay up late and debate.
I have learned to ask 
and knock and seek:
to give it a day or two or week.

Decisions! Who knows if I am right?
–if this will be wise in the morning light,
in the dark of sleepless nights,
and in the years and years to come?
I fight and struggle, struggle and writhe
in my bed
with these questioners in my head.
Peace of mind I cannot find; I cannot
forge ahead.
There is such untidiness; there’s no
oracle at Delphi.
There’s just my mind, my Maker, and me,
and this decision.
and the years unfolding like the pages
of a book I cannot read,
with the weight of consequences,
like unpaid wages; consequences I can’t see.

Impetuous self! Sit still!
Wait for the cloud and pillar of fire  
to move your will.
Wait! – for peace of mind,
wait and take your time.
Wait! – and you will find
some direction and some rhyme
and reason.

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