Saturday, October 03, 2015

When An Atheist Said, "There's No Proof God exists."

I answered:

You keep saying there is no "proof" that God exists. There are many problems with this statement. The first obvious problem is that there is, indeed, abundant proof that god/gods exist. The proof? Worshipers. 
Most people in human history have believed, naturally, that their was a creator of some kind, and they have worshiped as a result. Now, you can say that the God these people worshiped was not really "there," or not really able to help them, or not actually in existence. However, the CONCEPT of a God, and the reality of this concept is beyond denial. So, you have to agree that God, at least as an abstract concept, does indeed exist.
Also, some of the things that people worship are material. Sometimes men even worship each other. Thus, the Romans worshiped their emperors as gods. Now, you can say that the roman emperors were not TRULY gods, or true to the real concept of God. However, these were men that really existed and walked around on earth. So, you can't deny that they existed. God/gods do EXIST. 
So, the "concept" of God does exist. When you say, "There is no God," -- this is not true. The most you can say is that there is no God that you personally acknowledge. 
Remember, the term "God" can refer to more than the existence of an eternal being who created all things. "God," as a term, can refer to the one to whom we give allegiance; the one we follow; the one we obey; the center of our universe. Some, for example, worship money. Money is truly their God. Others worship power. Others worship rocks. Thus, it is not accurate for you to say "There is no God." Clearly, many people worship things: even material things.
So, you can't say, "There is no proof that God exists." There is abundant proof that people worship something/someone. There are many, many, many gods, and they set themselves before our eyes daily.
The question is NOT, therefore, "is there a God?" The question is, "Which is the TRUE God?"

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