Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Will Tell You A Secret

by CWK

I will tell you a secret:
a secret sublime; like honey, sweet;
a secret, holy, like heaven,
but a secret, severe, like sin.
I will tell you a secret:
a secret wild willed, like a wind
that topples towers down;
but a secret, like the wind again, discrete:
for, it travels without sound.
I will tell you a secret.

I will tell you a secret:
a secret that gives, but steals;
a secret that lives, but kills.
A secret, like surgeon’s knife, that heals –
but, also like a knife, that cleaves.
Here is the secret
that you never thought would happen:
joy begins when men leave laughing,
and return, to God, to grieve.
Here is my secret,
and though you will not believe it,
I hope you will believe:
to go up, you must go down.
To go forward, you must turn around.
The way to speak is to listen.
The way out is the way in.
The way to climb is to descend.
The place to start is at the end.

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