Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pun Intended

Ever read the book of Micah? Ok. Every noticed that the book of Micah is filled with creative puns? Credit to Al Maxey's Intro to Micah for pointing out these quotes:

The latter part of the 1st chapter (1:10-16) reveals the prophet's skill as a communicator. He uses a play on words, showing that he is as clever a punster as he is a strikingly gifted poet."

- Stuart Briscoe

In Micah, we have, "the longest series of sustained puns in the OT..."

- Jack P. Lewis

Imagine an American preacher saying, 'Living in Pittsburgh is the pits,' or 'Los Angeles is not a city of angels,' or 'Wisconsin should only be pronounced Wiscon-sin.' That would get the people's attention. Micah was having a problem getting his message across to the people so he chose this dramatic vehicle to reach them

- Briscoe


Gath (1:10) sounds like the Hebrew word for tell, so it's as if he were saying, "Tell it not in Tell City." Also, in 1:10 Micah writes, "In Beth-le-aphrah (house of dust) roll yourself in the dust." Zaanan (1:11) means "going out," so he is saying, "Those of you in 'Go Out City' will not go out." 

- Al Maxey

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