Friday, April 20, 2012


For Evan and Elle.
by CWK

You said you wanted to distance yourself from things.                                                
And, I knew that, by the short conversations,                                                                 
the perforation of my heart, the lack of observation,                                                      
and verbal stings.

When I told you what mattered to me,                                                                             
you acted like it didn’t matter at all.                                                            
You didn’t return my call,                                                                                               
or stand next to me in the hall,                                                                                       
or speak gently.

Its freezing being so far away                                                                                        
from you: the warm Spring Sun;                                                                             
and all we’d begun;                                              
coquettish verbal puns;                                                                                          
and, your face.

I have felt less distance                                                                                           
when we weren’t even talking;                                                                  
when, in our minds, together walking                                                                                
along the memory of when we slow danced,                                          
and held hands.

Is this distance far enough?                                                                           
Light years between our hearts:                                                                                        
like two cold stars, galaxies of bitterness apart,                               
never to touch.

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