Thursday, December 08, 2011

Face Like Flint

January 2004

Behind: sorrow, shattered promises,
fasting lasting 40 days and nights:
shadows casting doubt on light of very light
and promising kingdoms, glory,
glorious kingdoms and might.  
Behind, betrayal from family and disciples,
and loaded tongues rifled to undermine a mission.
Yes, but it is written. It is written.

Ahead, Judas slinking slowly from the table;
and a trusted rock shattering into pebbles,
a viscious mob laying down
palm branches and taking up derisive chants.
Lonely lovelessness behind,
great enough to frustrate a decision.
But still, no doubts, and no revisions.

Ahead, Jerasulem defiant, and tears;
like a mother hen he will weep
and see broken mothers in the streets,
and broken children at their feet.

Ahead, the darkest night, an innocent
unjustly seized and abducted.
Ahead, accusations on lies conducted.
Ahead, two trees cruelly constucted
into the shape of a cross;
Ahead, a price to pay for a bride.
Ahead, no greater debt, no greater cost.
Ahead, blood and despair
and an absence echoing throughout eternity:
the broken bond of Father and Son
the dirth of affection from eternity begun.
Ahead, death and sheol.
Ahead, enough to drive any man to derision.
But not one drop of indecision.

“Not my will,” he murmured, “not my will,”
but Yours be done:
“I came here, I walked upon these dusty hills,
I drank from dirty glasses.
I sailed in weary ships;
I braved forbidden passes,
and reprooved the stubborn masses.
But I came here with a dying vision.
I came here with a mission,
there will be no indecision.
I came for a bride,
and through these tired eyes
I can see her now.
Joy fills my heart to think of wedding vows.
I came to see the door of sin in rubbles
and a bride bursting free
clothed in raiment white
and dancing, dancing toward me.”

Jesus looked behind and ahead,
and paused to wipe the sweat from his brow.
He saw bloody Jerusalem through the mist...but now,
past Jerusalem, joy and ressurection!
His eyes sharpened, and his face hardened.
He clinched his fist and took one step
toward pain and joy and suffering and grace.
He was on a mission and he would not relent.
Then, he set his face like a flint.

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